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My mind is going in many different directions as I have lists and notes from the recent home school conference I/we attended last weekend. This was a much needed hope granting weekend! (I keep thinking I’m going institute more new skills or ideas  but then we got new chapter books at Easter and seriously we are loving Olga da Polga and Anna Hibiscus to our core right now!)

A major interest kept reoccurring in each session/workshop I attended: Hope for my sensory sweetheart. Hope that I can teach her. Hope that she will find focus. Hope for a bright future with more precious time together not spent arguing with her or me feeling guilty because I feel like I’m not doing enough. Will we still have more of those days? Absolutely! But will we have fewer? Hope is alive!

There were so many specialists I listened to about their approach, products, books like the Davis Method, Integrated listening systems, a dream pad, Minds in Motions, nurses, traditional occupational therapists, note booking, Mozart music, and tinging headphones. You name it I was bombarded with knowledge and suggestions from their research and I went afterward to talk to these people. I cried, I nodded in agreement, and I affirmed this kid is a gift.  So I took a few days at home to sit with all of that information. I watched my sensory sweetheart with her poor sleep, her deep loving hugs and words, her melt downs, and her chicken whispering touch.  We read our favorite books and I looked at her abilities and her strengths and while I’m not sure where this will lead us or even if it will help we are taking one step forward.

Today we began what we will call “super hero training.” She loves Wonder Woman so it works FOR US. We are going to combine some at home therapies and suggestions for the next three months and see where we are at the end of the three months. If nothing else this kiddo (and well all of them because we pretty much do it all together) will have some physical time with me as we train ourselves to be super heroes!

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