It’s Tuesday night…. no wait it’s still MONDAY!!!! It’s the beginning but it’s messy. That’s how I can sum up much of the last few days, maybe months! But let me back up a bit since this is the beginning. 

In 2014 we left the East Coast in hopes of finding a farm, a rich place to raise our family. We instead found a truly lovely community that holds a dear place in our hearts. A place where we found ourselves drawn to relationships with local farmers, artisans, and of course our library. While we took much more away than I think we left we are truly thankful for our time there. 

At the start of 2017 we had the opportunity to move to a place with more job opportunities and more options for farm land. It sounds really simple but I can assure you that packing half your household away for 6 months with three young kids, one of whom began home school kindergarten, another whom has a difficult time with transitions, and the third who still struggles to stay in his bed all night is no small task. Because “no we cannot take the floors with us,” or “yes we can take your princess shower curtain even though you never use the shower and I’m pretty sure you’ve shot more pee on it than soap.” So after some debate and a wish we could combine our old loves with the new opportunity we decided to go with the new in hopes that this is IT!!! 

So here is the messy start of our Farm journey and our life here. 

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