She isn’t my best friend because she taught me the importance of your partner being your best friend. 

She didn’t take me to a fancy high tea but she fixed me hot chocolate after hours in the snow. 

She didn’t give me all the toys I wanted but she gave me experiences like how to build a fire without matches and share stories! 

She did not teach me how parallel park (that was my dad) but she showed me how to laugh while driving around a country block to go through the irrigation sprinkler a second time on a hot summer day. 

She didn’t fix me a well balanced plate from the food pyramid every meal but when she got a simple sausage biscuit from the corner convenient store it meant a sharing a morning together at her job with her favorite pastor. 

She didn’t take me to big political events or to meet celebrities but she taught me to sit quietly and listen to the elderly ladies who really lived their life before they were homebound. 

She did not teach me how to write my first speech but she sang and danced ‘walking on sunshine’ with me once it was over. 

She did not teach me how to put babies to sleep but to be present in my parenting even when it means stepping back to let them grow! 
She is not my rock because she taught me the importance of self-reliance and standing up for myself as a person on this One Earth! 

She is the best mother for me and for her I am thankful not on Mother’s Day but EVERY DAY! (Which is why I didn’t post this on Mother’s Day!) 

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